Who we are

Tree preservation is at the core of all the work Arbor Essence performs.With over eighteen years experience in horticulture technology, our aim is conservation by applying the principals of nature to your specific landscape.

Simple. Direct. Cost-Effect.

We are experts in tree relocation, preservation and the diagnosis of pest and site problems. Providing simple, direct and cost-effective horticultural solutions is the goal of every Arbor Essence project.

At Arbor Essence we provide expert consultation, evaluation and recommendation services on tree surveys, tree and site evaluation, pest and disease diagnosis in trees and palms, pruning, inspection of nursery stock, Arborist reports, plant appraisal, tree selection, evaluations for tree relocation, planting and maintenance, tree monitoring and tree risk assessment.

Meet Kerry Norman

inner_box2_right_pic Kerry Norman is president and founder of Arbor Essence. He has over twenty years experience in arboriculture and ornamental horticulture. The primary function of any arborist is tree preservation.

As an experienced Arborist he specializes in tree preservation on established and development projects, tree risk assessment, site evaluation, insect pest and disease diagnosis, and management of mature relocated trees. Kerry is an ISA Board-Certified Master Arborist (WE-3643B), ASCA, Registered Consulting Arborist (#471), and ISA, Risk Assessment Qualified.

Kerry founded Arbor Essence on the belief that a landscape that is planned and managed properly from the beginning, can be assured to provide generations of enjoyment, and enhance property value and the environment.

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